Gateways - Healing at a Distance
Level 1-2 

Expand your toolbox with this exciting program! 

The focus is on learning how to take your abilities on the road. Offer phone sessions to your clients and discover infinite possibilities! In this workshop, you will learn how to activate and use your empathic abilities; walk the Akashic field and connect to guidance and assistance from every corner of the Universe. 

Level 1 – Learn to step into a shared field of consciousness, wisdom and healing. Activate and control the natural empathic abilities that already reside in your DNA. Walk the Body Electric and decode the mysteries of magnetics. Invite new connections, wisdom as we learn that time, and space are the ultimate illusion. Basic phone reading skills will be front and center in Level 1. 

Level 2 – Expand on the skills learned in Level 1. Learn to dive deeper into the shared connections and step fully into the common field, which houses all wisdom. Remember the Divine Origins; each person contributes to your learning as we define the understanding. Each session you conduct has lessons and growth, not just for the client. 

Two day class Investment - $444.00
Sept 26-27 2020

Class size is limited so sign up early. 

Contact Melissa Galka @ 602-617-0702 to enroll ​