I was born a twin and spent the first 18 years of my life walking in tandem with my brother. We joined the Marines together, he went to Alaska and I began this journey on a battlefield in Viet Nam when a near fatal wound opened me to the Universal Truth, that we are all truly One. I thought that my life was full and rewarding until I had a chance encounter in 1998 with a woman in Sedona who introduced me to a healing modality called Reiki. In a matter of moments my life was forever changed as I opened to the fullness of my true calling. The search for the common thread that connects us all culminated in 1999 when I began hearing the Language of Light, the Universal Language that has 10,000 layers and levels of meaning, it speaks of time and place of the One. I am first and foremost a healer, utilizing my unique talents to blend Aromatic Medicine the Language of Light and the healing arts. I am discovering everyday how truly wonderful it is to be of service to my clients and to the Universe. My Destiny Chart has a guiding star that is surrounded by a written form of the Language of Light, I know that I am here to complete and that my path is written in the stars, who could ask for a better journey!