Just a few comments from clients who have experienced John and Melissa's work.   Let me tell you I have never experience such clarity and such peace in my life, It feels great. It is so nice waking up in the morning and having nothing on your mind especially from the past, except "I feel great, this feels good, I am ready for the day."  All of my past experiences no longer control my life.  I am happy and carefree.  I actually like being alive in this human form right now.  This is an incredible gift that you have given me and I am so thankful.  I am so looking forward to my next session.    H, Las Vegas NV.   I want to say, first of all, a big thanks to you for leading the workshop in Ft. Collins. It was a few days before I realized how much healing has occurred for me because of it, and I am grateful.   I know you do important work in the world and I thank you soooo much for it -- MG, FT Collins, CO.   Thank-you for the difference Abundant life and Melissa has made in Colorado and in the World. I can only imagine what energies and dimensions you have been on or through. Overall, what Melissa and Abundant life stood for or say are committed to is beyond human perception. So again, Thank-You for what you provide in this world even when skepticism is about- your justice is illuminating and instinctual. A.Z - Denver, CO.   "Melissa, you continue to astound me with your ability to reach into the highest dimensions and bring me the information and healing I need. You always open the path for new ways of being in this world. Thank you!" C. Highlands Ranch, CO. 
Thank-you again for your time and genuine 'help' (for lack of a better term) last week.  You've truly made a difference in my life, my outlook, my 'psyche' and my emotions. JH, Chandler, AZ.   I had spoken with you after my first mammogram. I was told the results showed something visible and I saw it on the x-ray. I went for my second follow-up mammogram after my phone session with you. The results of the second mammogram showed that whatever it was had completely disappeared.. I want to thank you both for everything.. SN Hawaii   Thank you so very much for responding to my dream request.  You are amazing.  I've been trying to figure them out and find the hidden messages, but I just couldn't find the answers. AP Ft Collins, CO.   There is a great deal of quiet space in my head and I like that. A few times my thoughts went to dark things and it was easy to shift as I am not being drawn there, only went there out of habit and felt no bond to stay. KD