Sessions and Services

Activation and Divine Blueprint Readings - This very special session allows for clearing of ancient patterns held deep within your soul and DNA. Gifts that have become dormant through fear or can be activated and remembered. Give yourself the gift of LIFE. $110.00 

Psychic Medium – Connect with loved ones on the other side. Find out how your loved ones are spending their time in the after life. Sessions are $60.00 for 30 minutes or one hour for $110.00

Angel Messages and Introductions - This very special reading allows you to personally experience your own angelic guides and masters. An angelic introduction includes the names of your Angels; it allows you to feel their energy and gives you the information that you need right now to move into higher realms of existence.  $110.00 

We offer a vast array of services taylored to fit your unique situation and always in partnership with your angels, guides and higher-self. 

Personal Guidance 
Intuitive Guidance
Personal Transformation
Soul Purpose Activation
Indigo Child Assessments
Divine Blueprint Activation
Past Life Clearing
EMF Balancing
Aromatic Medicine