I was born an empath into a gifted family but my true destiny awakened when I shared and empathic death experience at my mother’s crossing in 1995. I received my first activation and acceleration in 1999, which opened the gateway to infinite possibility and stirred the inactive areas of my being from a long slumber. Gifted with the Keys of Enoch, I am able to read the Destiny Chart of the individual or collective, clear blocks, and awaken the dormant energies and gifts that the soul remembers, but the human mind has hidden. I am a Divine Channel, teacher and student and it is my passion to assist StarSeeds, Indigo and Crystal Children and Lightbeings to refocus their light on the mission that called them into this life and to awaken to all that is possible. The awakening process happens in layers and levels so I support that process with individual sessions, workshops, readings, group guided meditation, on-line training courses and books, Angelic and Spirit Guide Introductions and as a Destiny Consultant and Life Coach.