​Our ideas about consciousness, the universal mind and what is “god” are rapidly evolving. The initial version we accepted as truth was the Sun was god, the giver of life and all things good and bad. Over time, god became more “human” and our deities reflected our changing ideas. In the common era, god became a being modeled after a human father. Sometimes present, often absent, and generally only paying attention when things go wrong. As defenders of the faith, we fight and die to preserve our “version” of god. 

It is too preposterous to believe that we might just be “god”, a Radiant Being of Divine Light? I have often said, we come into existence remembering who we are, until we accept the limitations of time and space in the human realm, around the age of 5 the final connections and memories are lost.  

I had the opportunity this week to connect with an embryo of approximately 6 weeks in gestation. “It” referred to itself as “they”, meaning it was part of a collective “they” that is god. What “they” had to say was profound and obvious in its simplicity. “They” declared themselves divine by the virtue of their ability to grow an entire body structure from just a few cells. When questioned about the part the mother played in the process, “they” corrected my thinking with a simple “We are one”. 

The most interesting part of the “conversation” was yet to come. “They” had much to say about the “Art of Manifesting”. The reason most of us experience limited success when comes to manifesting has much to do with our limited perceptions about god and the collective consciousness of all that is. We attempt to create from inside ourselves as a limited “I” rather than from the collective “mind of god”. Think of it like the modern concept of crowd sourcing, soliciting assistance from a wide range of beings and groups to arrive at the best solution or process. 

To test this theory, I connected with the “divine mind”. The process is to see the pathway and outcomes through “all that is” to create and “problem solve”. In other words, manifest through the "Collective Mind of God" rather than from the human bottom up. My desire is to create the abundance required to take a first class trip for 1 month to Europe in 2020. When I described the amount of “work”, scrimping and saving required to attain my goal, “they” asked the question, “why do you have to scrimp?”

Clearly, we ran right smack into my mental limitations; however it is the first step to understanding what mindset and limitations are present and begin the short journey to modifying my attitudes. We often lose site about the purpose of existence here; meaning is truly about the journey and not the destination. This week I would invite you to make your own connections with the Divine Mind that is also “we”. There is much to discover, if you have the courage to remember your roots.