As Christmas approaches our thoughts often turn to those who will not physically gather with us around the table. In my family, cancer has touched every heart and claimed the lives of many. In society, we often discuss the physical cause and in the metaphysical world we focus upon the emotional sources, but what does the Universe have to say about cancer? Cancer is neither a punishment nor a reward; it is a means to an end, a journey toward learning and grace. 

Every soul who experiences cancer is encouraged to “fight” with every ounce of their strength if they are to “win” the battle. The issue with this approach; the focus is solely on the “battle” with no room left for all of the grace that surrounds the journey. Many of you will stop reading here, but indulge us for just a moment. Have you noticed that the majority of people who are diagnosed with cancer are those whom most of us would describe as strong willed, independent and rarely, if ever, in need of help? This group has the ability to fight and win every battle, no question. Perhaps the lesson is not a test of the strength they already possess, but the opportunity to learn what they have not yet mastered, the grace of receiving and the joy of living. 

On the other hand we have the ever needy; the folks who are constantly in need of help with the most mundane life experiences. Perhaps the visitor know as cancer, comes to them to provide the opportunity to grow in the grace of strength and self-determination. 

No one goes through cancer alone; ever. Family, friends, care-givers, angels and physicians walk the path right along with them. While their opportunities for learning and growth are different, they are no less transformative. Whether you have firsthand knowledge of cancer as an experience or as a caregiver, in the middle of that pain, fear and torment, is a gift of grace. Do you have the courage to push aside the aforementioned bullies and examine the buried remnants of learning? 

We as Lightworkers; are called to a higher standard. We are not here to accept things at “face” value and accept the status quo. Normal does not live in us, having long ago been replaced by extraordinary. We are not content to approach any part of life “like everyone else”. My goal for 2018 is to not judge what I do not understand. I do not understand our current leadership, but I have spent plenty of time judging it, and that doesn’t feel good to me, nor is it the best use of my resources. 

I would encourage everyone this holiday season to spend time focused on grace. Celebrate what you have and spend less time bemoaning what you lack. If you are missing family members around your table, invite them to your celebration in spirit, because you just might be surprised to feel their love surrounding you when you release the need for their physical form. 

Wishing you the very best this holiday season and grace in the year ahead.