Treasure Lotus & Golden Path
(hosted via Zoom) 

October 23-24, 2021
9-5 Pacific Time  

The frequency elevation of the planet; in tandem with the Transformative Light Codes are enabling us to remember the strength and resilience of our soul in a vibrant and expanded way!

What is the Treasure Lotus? 

We arrived on the planet still grasping the remembrance of our Divine origins and tasked with learning what it means to be human. Our notes, observances and rules established in our formative years reside in the realms of the subconscious mind. Learn how step into the Quantum fields to resolve misconceptions, unlock potentials and transform your experience while expanding access to the Wisdom of the Ages.  

What is the Golden Path? 

Also known as the Golden Mile or Golden Path refers to the ultimate path to enlightenment. This process works to clear debris on the road blocking the path to the achievement of our highest level of enlightenment, abundance in all its forms and rapid transformation. 

What you will learn: 

Work and Thrive in Quantum Fields  
You will receive activation of the codes and keys for the Treasure Lotus and the Golden Path to for use in self-discovery, elevated frequencies, and vibration. Your Heart will remember the path.
You will receive instruction on the use of these unique for tools to share with clients and healing partners.

There are no prerequisites; accept a willing heart

Class fee is $222.00 

Class size is limited so sign up early. 

Contact Melissa Galka @ 602-617-0702 to enroll 


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